T-Bar Bungee Cable Tie

T-Bar Bungee Cord Ties


Product Description

T-Bar Bungee Cord  Ties  featuring 5mm bungee cord  with a 40mm hard plastic Bar

T-Bar Bungee used to secure a tarp

, Multiple uses including securing Tarpaulin’s
to Market stall frames , sheds ,Temporary Structures Etc. A hand piece of kit to have in any tool box or workshop.

The 150mm measurement refers to the loop in its relaxed state (Unstretched)

Available to buy individually or in packs of 12 or 24 pieces

  • Available in 150mm (4in),
  • Top quality  5mm diameter bungee cord
  • Black  40 mm  Nylon Bar
  • Polypropylene outer, rubber bungee inner
  • Highly  quality product, 

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1, 12, 24


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