EasyFit WindBreakers are the ideal product to keep hay and straw dry during wet weather. It also reduces wind velocity while still allowing ventilation for stock,thus keeping them healthy and maintaining low veterinary bills.

Eastfit Windbreakers

Farm Windbreakers

In the recycling industry, keeping waste from blowing in to areas you do not want it to go can be a problem. Windbreakers can help to contain waste and other materials. They can be used in a variety of industries.

EasyFit Windbreaker (Various Sizes)

Windbreaker Over Feed Barrier

Fertiliser Spreader Cover

Fertiliser Spreader Cover saves time and money and gets the job done when its needed. One of the biggest enemies of granular fertiliser is moisture, and here in this country we have plenty of it, in the form of rain. What happens when you are in the field spreading fertiliser and it begins to rain?

We make “made to measure” Fertiliser Spreader Covers which will keep your fertiliser dry and protected until the rain stops.

These are heavy duty, easy to fit and just as easy to remove.

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Rotary Mower or Disc Mower Covers

Accidents happen and research shows that 75% of all farm accidents are related to tractors and farm machinery.  Approximately 2,000 injuries occur on Irish farms each year.

  • Most accidents are preventable if practical safety measures are taken.
  • Mower covers are essential for safety of the operator of machinery.
  • They are heavy duty and could save your life or others nearby the working machine.
  • A cover also increases the resale value of the machine.

Mower Cover

Cattle Feeder

Potato Harvester

Harvesting potatoes is time consuming and costly, so you need to do all you can to protect your produce. This potato harvester has a steel frame covered in a thick foam and recovered in a heavy duty waterproof PVC. This allows your produce to enter the box with as little damage as possible, saving you time and money.

Other Farming Products

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Dryer Chutes

Fertiliser Spreader Cover

Garage Door

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