What products do Clonmel Covers Make?

At Clonmel Cover we make a wide variety of Waterproof and Weather resistant Covers , Including Easy-Fit Windbreakers , Trailer Covers ,Tipper Truck Covers, Gazebo Side Panels , Machine Covers and Tarpaulins

Can you make Covers in Custom Sizes?

The vast Majority of our Covers are made to order and to the customers specifications.

Do Easy Fit Windbreakers stop Wind and Rain?

Our Easy-fit windbreakers reduce the force of the Wind by 70-75% 
and because each screen is made to measure for the span its going into 
it gets the perfect Tension so Rain tends to run off the screen rather than going through it.
If there are Strong winds blowing rain directly onto the screen you might get a fine mist coming in a foot or 2 but this quickly dissipates as they  is no wind to drive it.

How much does a windbreaker cost?

Windbreakers are Priced per bay and how high you want to go .

How do I measure for a windbreaker?

For instructions on how to  Measure for Easy-Fit Windbreakers Please follow the link  to the measuring instructions Below


What is the Life Span of a Windbreaker and Can they be Repaired?

Our Easy-Fit Windbreakers are made with the Irish Weather in mind and should last 15 years or more  and because we use the highest quality materials they are fully repairable.

Do you deliver?

We deliver all over the Island of Ireland  with DPD. Phone us or email us for further details.

What if it gets damaged?

Our Easy Fit Windbreakers are very easily repaired but becuse of the quality of our products, this a rare occurrence.

How long does it take to fit

Our Easy Fit Ratchet Windbreakers are exactly as the name suggests, easy to fit. They take less than 10 minutes per bay and as matter of fact we have a video demo here showing how fast it can be installed

What tools do I require to fit a Windbreaker?

No tools required. Our Easy fit Windbreakers come ready for installation and have a ratchet system.

Do Clonmel Covers deliver to the UK and Northern Ireland?

We manufacture all our products here at our manufacturing plant and deliver  all over the Island of Ireland  with DPD.
Unfortunately due to Brexit we are currently  unable to ship to the UK mainland

How long does it take from order to delivery of my product?

Turnaround times vary  depending on the product  but you will be given an  a  due date when placing an order .If an Item is needed urgently we will work with you to get it out as fast as possible.

How do I know that my Windbreaker is going to fit?

We manufacture all windreakers to measure and are custom made to the measurements which are supplied by you. The instructions on how to measure for a windbreaker are available to print on this page. Just CLICK HERE