How much wind do Windbreakers stop?

Windbreakers reduces wind by 75%

How much rain gets through?

The amount of rain which gets through is very little and wouldn’t take your thirst away.

What is the lifespan of a windbreaker?

15 years & more and they are easily repairable.

How much does a windbreaker cost?

The cost depends on the size, length and height and also the complexity.

How do I measure for a windbreaker?

Measuring instructions are on our site. There is a dedicated page with a diagram there. Click on the link and you will be taken there. At the bottom of the page we have a print friendly button, making it easy for you to print out the instructions and bring a copy on site. You will also need the following.

Print out instructions
Measuring Tape
Phone ( to place your order) 🙂

Do you come out to measure?

No. We try our best to keep the costs down. We do have detailed instructions on how to measure for a windbreaker on our website. There is also a print friendly button on the page, making it easy for you to bring the instructions to your site.

Do you deliver?

We deliver nationwide and we also deliver to every point in the UK. Phone us or email us for further details.

What if it gets damaged?

Our Easy Fit Windbreakers are very easily repaired but becuse of the quality of our products, this a rare occurrence.

How long does it take to fit

Our Easy Fit Ratchet Windbreakers are exactly as the name suggests, easy to fit. They take less than 10 minutes per bay and as matter of fact we have a video demo here showing how fast it can be installed

What tools do I require to fit a Windbreaker?

No tools required. Our Easy fit Windbreakers come ready for installation and have a ratchet system.

Do Clonmel Covers deliver to the UK and Northern Ireland?

Yes. We manufacture all our products here at our manufacturing plant and deliver to the UK and Northern Ireland. You will find our prices very competitive and the quality of our service and products difficult to beat.

We pride ourselves in the fact they we keep to scheduled deliver times.

How long does it take from order to delivery of my product?

We endeavour to dispatch your order within 7 to 10 days of order confirmation. This can be improved on if you have urgent needs.

How do I know that my Windbreaker is going to fit?

We manufacture all windreakers to measure and are custom made to the measurements which are supplied by you. The instructions on how to measure for a windbreaker are available to print on this page. Just CLICK HERE