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Windbreaker Mesh Fixing Clips


Windbreaker Mesh Fixing Clip

Product Description

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Windbreaker Mesh Clip


Introducing Our Windbreaker mesh Fixing Clips  , which are specially designed  to secure our  windbreaker mesh to support structures like fences, stakes and frames. These clips are made from Heavy Duty ABS plastic  and are designed to clamp on to the edges of our Windbreaker Material
allowing the user to instantly create an eyelet  in the material without compromising on the strength of the material. This allows the material to be safely secured and tensioned preventing it from being dislodged in high winds.
The  Clips feature a unique toothed locking system  which bites into the mesh and locks securely when closed .When the clip is closed  it forms a closed loop which would allow the mesh to slide on a wire or piece of steel rope (Wire or Steel rope not included),

Clips  are  sold individually or in packs of 20 and 50 . and we would recommend fitting a clip every 2-3 feet.


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Clip Dimensions

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fixed Windbreaker Mesh clip

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Fitting Suggestion

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If you are ordering from the UK Mainland please contact us @  before ordering  as Due to Brexit. Vat and Shipping are charged Differently.


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Individual, Pack of 20, Pack of 50


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