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Why you should fit your Slurry Tank with a PVC Cover?

By 30 March 2014 No Comments

Solve Slurry Tank Safety Issues with a PVC Cover From Clonmel Covers

Continued wet weather is hindering opportunities for farmers to get on with landspreading work.  As set out in the Nitrate Regulations 2013;

‘Livestock manures or any fertilisers may not be landspread when, for example, land is waterlogged, flooded or likely to flood, frozen or if heavy rain is forecast within 48 hours.’

So the current cold and heavy ground conditions reduces the area slurry can be spread over and Slurry Storage tanks are more than likely threatening to overload.

Farm Safety Concerns

This raises the all too familiar issue of the persistent risks associated with fertiliser storage and therefore the need to heighten farm safety standards at your farm.  Minimising exposure to risk of injury and illness around landspreading work is a top priority in farm management as it is potentially highly toxic and life threatening if not managed properly.

If liquid manure is stored open to the atmosphere, ammonia emissions are released and spread in windy conditions.  This release signals a loss of nitrogen and therefore a decrease in the quality of the fertiliser.

Reasons for Covering the Slurry Tank

Slurry Tank Covers


The primary purpose of installing a PVC cover is to slow down the release of ammonia and odours into the atmosphere and reduce the effect of wind and solar radiation on emissions. Liquid manure stored in a covered tank can retain up to 3.5 times more nitrogen compared to an open tank, therefore increasing its fertiliser value.

An impermeable heavy duty PVC cover significantly reduces the volume of slurry by blocking rainwater and moisture from moving in or out and therefore making the storage period longer and more effective.

It provides a flexible membrane that can be fastened to the walls of the storage structure and should see you through the next decade in terms of lifespan of the cover.

Installing a cover can only heighten your farm safety measures and provide peace of mind in helping prevent accidents associated with open storage.

If you have enquiries about a slurry storage cover, contact Austin or Seamus for a quotation or you can always connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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