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EasyFit Windbreakers at the National Ploughing Championships 2014

By 26 September 2014 No Comments

Our 2014 National Ploughing Championships Experience with EasyFit Windbreakers

EasyFit Windbreakers at the National Ploughing 2014We have had a phenomenal time at the Ploughing this year.  It’s been a very chatty time for us on our stand and we have benefited from the record attendances amongst our fellow 1,400 exhibitors.

The sunny and mild conditions backlit the rolling 800 acres that hosted Bishops, MEPs, VIPs, waltzing, welly throwing and the 124,000 attendees in the wealth of entertainment on offer at Stradbally over the past three days.

The focus of our stand this year was the EasyFit Windbreakers ™ system as it is our most popular product and so we showcased it to the large farming community in attendance.  We manufacture in Clonmel and are proud to be Guaranteed Irish™.

How EasyFit Windbreakers work?

EasyFit Windbreakers Sales TeamThe EasyFit Windbreaker ™ is a flexible opening system for sheds and buildings.  Common uses are in Farm and Livestock Buildings to protect feed and herds during winter and adverse weather conditions.  The Windbreaker provides cover and reduce wind velocity while still allowing ventilation for sheep, cattle and horses. The added protection from draughts helps prevent disease and reduced immunity in animals.  

For straw and hay sheds the EasyFit Windbreakers™ reduces windspeed by 75%and balances windchill and air circulation.  With the natural ventilation hay can be maintained for longer periods with less moisture and heat damage.  Natural light can penetrate reducing electricity costs.  Large machinery can also gain access easily with a flexible opening to the building.

At the stand we could really demonstrate how easy the system is to install, operate and remove.  This can also be seen on our EasyFit Windbreakers page. We have had an epic response and are already making plans for our return to the National Ploughing Championships in 2015.

Call us to today 0n 0526124881 or connect with us on our Social Media for a custom made Windbreaker. 

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