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Windbreaker or Perforated Sheeting?

By 18 February 2014 One Comment

Should I sheet the farm shed with perforated sheeting or a windbreaker?


Made to measure windbreaker manufactured by Clonmel Covers

Maintaining your farm buildings is a vital part of your management goals. You need to maximise the health of your livestock and farm productivity.  Farm sheds that do not function properly simply cost you more in time and labour and compromise the health and safety of your animals and workers. It is a long term investment and you want to see that it is invested wisely.

So the time has come to undertake the work and you are weighing up the cost and effectiveness of sheeting or installing a windbreaker system.

Consider your needs now and whether you require flexibility with the shed in the future.  Are you replacing the covering to some or all of the bays? Or Are you using the building for straw and hay storage or housing or feeding livestock?  Or maybe are you storing machinery? What degree of exposure does the building have to wind, rain and snow?

How do the two options compare?

Metal sheeting is expensive, presents restrictions for access, reduces air circulation and natural light. A windbreaker system is cost effective, quick and easy to install, reduces wind speed by 75%, provides adjustable access for wide and high farm machinery, provides natural light, ventilation and weather protection from moisture and UV.

What are the advantages of installing a windbreaker system?

  • Protection from draughts helps prevents disease and reduced immunity in herds
  • Reduced windspeed provides a balance between windchill and air circulation
  • Weather protection for straw and hay and natural ventilation to remove moisture and heat
  • Durable, reliable and repairable
  • Flexibility – can be easily removed if required to allow access
  • You are buying Irish – manufactured in Clonmel

Give Austin or Seamus a call to discuss any queries or ideas you have.  The process is simple and we are here to offer you solutions and customise windbreakers to suit your needs.

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