Clonmel Covers Windbreaker Mesh

Windbreaker Material



PVC Windbreaker Mesh

  • Choice of sizes  1.25m ,1,85m and 2.5m
  • Priced Per Linear Metre
  • All Prices inclusive of VAT

Product Description

PVC Mesh

Clonmel Covers Windbreaker Material is a PVC pasted mesh fabric with open mesh that is permeable to air and is primarily used as a protective fabric in outdoor areas. This Mesh fabric has good dimensional stability and can be used very well in large areas due its low weight. Clonmel Covers Windbreaker Mesh simultaneously ensures good air circulation with minimal rainwater penetration.

Material is sold by the linear Meter if you order multiple Meters  you will Receive one Piece of Material  relating to number of Meters ordered.

  • UV resistant and weatherproof
  • Lightweight 
  • Choice of sizes  1.25m ,1,85m and 2.5m
  • Weight = 295g/m2

  • Openness factor = 35%

  • Tensile strength = 1900/2000  N/50mm

  • Tear strength = 380/400N

  • Temperature resistance = -20°C/+70°C

  • Translucence = 40% @ 550nm

  • Air permeability = 7520 l/m2*sec

All Prices inclusive of VAT.

Orders Over 50 Meters  will incur additional shipping charges due to weight and may be Split in to a Number of Parcels  You will be advised on this before your order is shipped.

The 2.5 m Material is also available in the following colors, just add a note let us know what colour is required  on checkout if no colour is Specified ,it is assumed you require Green This product is available in the following colors

Königsblau                Russischgrün                 Alugrau                Schwarz

  • Blue                           Green                      Grey                            Black


To Get A free Sample of Our Windbreaker Material,Just select Sample from the Drop-down menu above and let us know the colour at check out.



Additional information

Weight .3 kg

1.25m, 1.85m, 2.5m, Sample


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