Heavy Duty Nickel Plated Eyelets

Nickel Plated 12.7mm Eyelets


Heavy Duty Nickle Plated 12.7mm Eyelets

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Product Description

Heavy Duty Nickel Plated Eyelets

Our Nickel Plated Eyelets  are an upgrade  to the Brass Eyelets Supplied  with our  Tarpaulin  1/2″ Eyelet Kit

These Eyelets   are a  heavy duty version of the Eyelet supplied with the  Tarpaulin Eyelet Kit
but work with the same Tools supplied in the kit ,
Ideal for when a stronger Eyelet is need and also adds a more professional looking Finish
(We use these Eyelets in our Workshop)

The Eyelets come in a 50 piece Pack   , 25  Eyelets and 25 washers



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