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By 12 October 2011 No Comments

It is that time of year again when the weather turns wet and windy and keeping stock on farms dry and thoughts of windbreakers come to mind.

Different type of windbreakers do different jobs

windbreakers- roller doorand you have to decide what suits you best, Recently we completed a job for Kiltinan Stud farm that consisted of four semi permanent windbreakers combined with two roll up windbreakers doors at each end of the hay barn to allow ease of access to barn and still be able to close opening with ease when needed. A Mesh roller door is an easy and simple way to open and close entry points of buildings as required and still retain ventilation. This keeps out most of the rain  and  if you are storing bales of straw, windbreakers will keep them dry. We have been dealing with this client for many years and they were delighted to be the first to try out this new design in windbreakers. The client was very satisfied with our product and think they will use more of this system in the future. This windbreaker is installed on site by our installer and all fittings are fixed using bolts and no welding is carried out on site.

Windbreakers cut costs.

Keeping stock dry and well ventilated keeps down vet bills and keeps livestock happy. Keeping straw dry makes for better bedding and avoids waste.

Watch the video  to see how the mesh roller door operates. It is possible for a person to open and close this door in less the one minute.

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