Mower Skirts for John Deere 1360/1365


Replacement Mower Skirts  for John Deere 1360/1365

Product Description

John Deere 1360/1365 Mower

Our  Replacement Mower Skirts  for John Deere 1360/1365  Mower conditions are made from 1400gsm PVC
(50% Heavier the Truck Curtain material) reinforced Top and Side with a 2″ pvc webbing and Fitted with a rubber
Bead on the bottom Edge for a Longer Life.
Mower Skirts can be bought individually or as a Complete set of  4.

Mower Skirt are Essential for protect both Man and Machine from Flying Debris

John Deere 1360/1365 Mower Skirt

Additional information

Panel Options

Set of 4 Panels, Front Panel Large, Front Panel Small, Left Panel, Right Panel


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